Increase Your Customer Loyalty with Membership Program

We have integrate membership system in our POS system, and iCRM system. The membership system is capable of providing

  1. Point system, either by sales or by membership category.
  2. Tier system, the more a same customer purchase, the customer can get more discount.
  3. Upfront membership fees, can be lifetime or yearly, or monthly member fees.
  4. Prepaid credit system, where customer can prepaid for future purchases.
  5. Buy few free x promotions

POS System

POS make a very important role in membership system, it is the front end to interact with customers. Our POS system is built in membership system. Making receiving and spending points easy and user friendly. With cloud, you can have even multiple branches to share the members point real-time.

Getting to Know Your Customers

The data generated from your loyalty program can be used to improve your business. The reward program can show you your customers behavior, and from there, you can fine tune your business strategy to better future, and to serve your customer better. The membership program also record your customers detail information for your data analysis need.

Getting the Right Loyalty System

Promotion system is essential in your business, but sometime, you need to do some trial and error before you get it right. Our POS system provide the flexibility for your needs. You can change from one type of membership loyalty system to another easily, or from point system to prepaid system and other.

Member Cards

You can print membership cards as gifts for your member. The membership card design can be customized, and you can choose to use magnetic swipe card or RFID card.
Otherwise, you can use phone number, or ID card number as your identification, then your member can find their membership anytime without the member card.


We are developers and we are willing to help you to gain more customers. Therefore, we will dive into our code to make special customization for your needs. 

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