CRM System Offline

icrm offline
Simply install into your PC or laptop and start using.

  • Supports Win XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1
  • Access in office only, management in full control
  • Data synchronised to Cloud Server when internet available

iCRM Offline Edition is packed with features to share your Stored Customer Information, Contact Customers, View Reports, Follow Up on Leads, Support Existing Customers and more!

CRM System Online

icrm online
iCRM will host the software for you.

  • Free BMO Android App
  • No data synchronisation required
  • No software installation
  • 24/7, global access
  • Share data among accounts
  • Access via internet

iCRM Online allows you to access your iCRM account from any computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet with internet access. The iCRM System is ideal for those who travel frequently like sales personnels.


iCRM Benefits Your Business

contact management

Contact Management

Manage Customer Information efficiently to secure more leads

marketing automation

Marketing Automation

SMS & WhatsApp Marketing combined in one CRM system

support automation

Support Automation

Support and track Customers globally. Keep Customer satisfaction high

view extensive report

View Extensive Reports

Real Time view on all reports to make timely business decisions

mobile app

Ready-to-use Mobile App

Perfect for Start-Up companies that need to handle your Customers on the go.


iCRM Features Overview

crm softwareSave Customer Contact details systematically

crm softwareSearch Contacts by filtering options

crm softwareSort Customer Contacts into groups

crm softwareSet Membership Discounts for items and Customers

crm softwareInsert new, on-going services based on each Customer

crm software

Communicate with clients/groups via the VoIP feature

crm software

Deliver SMS to chosen Contacts or Multiple Contacts

crm software

Send WhatsApp Messages via the internet to Clients

crm softwareCompose Emails to selected or multiple preset addresses

crm softwareAttach documents easily in Emails to deliver to Clients

crm softwareSet recurrence reminder for items purchased by Customers

crm softwareInclude notes and update remarks while On Call

crm softwareRecord Call Details made based on Contact and Time in reports

crm softwareView delivered SMS, WhatsApp and Email Messages to Clients

crm softwareKeep track of Past Services for specific client in service report