iCRM Features

iSMS Bulk SMS alert integration

Bulk SMS Marketing integration

Manage incoming leads/contacts

Manage customer support needs & tasks

Assign tasks to employees

Track personal performance or product status

Advance permission system, control what users sees


Online iCRM Pricing (Cloud based CRM)

Currency Malaysia Ringgit (RM) US Dollars (USD) Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Branch Monthly / branch Pay 1 month Pay 6 Month Pay 12 month Monthly / branch Pay 1 month Pay 6 Month Pay 12 month Monthly / branch Pay 1 month Pay 6 Month Pay 12 month
1 150 150 720 1080 50 50 240 360 25 75 360 540
2 300 300 1440 2160 100 100 480 720 25 150 720 1080
3 and above 450 450 2160 3240 150 150 720 1080 25 225 1080 1620

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iCRM Offline Version

Do you often travel or work away from your office? iCRM Offline Version makes it easier and convenient for you to continue working and deal with clients within the application without an internet connection.

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iCRM Online Version

iCRM Online Version helps you to manage customer relationships, databases and sales information. iCRM Online Version also syncs any updated data from iCRM Offline version onto the internet.

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iCRM Online Version with Local Storage

An Additional Local Storage Space is offered with the Online Version package for you to store all files such as images, videos and any large files into the server that is able to connect unlimited iCRM users.

Standalone Small Business CRM

The client will provide hardware and it is hosted at their premiss. Maintenance shall be done internally and BMO will charge on the service and maintenance, however the cost will be much higher than the cloud version.

Standalone installation needs hardware. Typically, web server, database server and broadband internet is needed. Our team will setup the hardware and software, followed by updating the software periodically. Through our experience, customers will request to trace events, inventories and guidance. Offline or stand alone server will cost more to maintain, however there are pros and cons, it depends on the decision from your management team.

Cloud Based CRM System Service

By using a username, password and company code, you will be able to login to BMO module. All Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system modules are accessable via web browser. This include logging in from iPad, iPhones, Android mobile phones, PC and desktop. In addition to that, CRM Malaysia will perform data backup, system updates, maintenance and etc.

By using CRM cloud service, a company cloud save cost on server, maintenance, data security, bandwidth, and even system uprade/update. It can be integrated to your web page easily.


iCRM Online Version Features

CRM Systems

Mobile HTML View


Monthly Price Per Branch

RM50 onwards

Data Storage per user


Contact AI

Yes (Automatically identifies the contact details and fills in for you!)



Contacts grouping

Yes (unlimited grouping)

Service status

Yes (unlimited status)

Contact History


Bulk Email

Yes (using own SMTP)

Multiple SMTP


Email Templates


Mass Email

Yes (price in AlienMailer.com, free 500 per month)

File manager



Yes (as per price in iSMS.com.my)

CRM Systems



Google Calendar


Andriod notification


Notification SMS


Notification Email




Send out daily report


Assign contact to another user

Yes (unlimited assign)

Product items




Trouble case task


Free customization

Yes (by programmers directly)

CSV import

CSV import employees, contacts, etc.

CSV export

CSV export employees, events, contacts, etc