VoIP Integration

VoIP integration

Our iCRM system allows for many integrations including the VoIP system integration. This allows you to make direct calls from your contact list with the ability to record details of the call for easy reference and monitoring. These features enhance their strategic productivity of your sales team and their efforts. It is also a good addition to have with managing teams near and far.

CRM Offline Feature

Make Calls Directly from Contact List

The integrated soft-phone built into our CRM platform allows you to make calls directly from your contact list. This saves times, increases efficiency and does not need you to have multiple platforms operating nor do you need to be on various different devices to get 1 job done. This lets you and your team focus better on the targets you need to reach.

CRM Offline Feature

Record Call Details

You can take a quick view on your call records. The most recent one will be displayed on the top. This feature helps you monitor time and monetary costs on your sales team making calls. You can keep the department on a budget and make sure no extra cost is used.

CRM Offline Feature

Receive Call Ins while Directly Recording into Call Details Remark

Our iCRM VoIP integration is an added bonus to your sales system as it allows you to take calls while simultaneously recording remarks and details of the call into the system. This lets you not miss a beat with follow ups and not lose any details of the conversation by trying to recollect the call after you end it.

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