Service Task Feature

One of iCRM’s feature is the Service Task feature. Whenever there is a new job given to you by client, you can input the data into the form given and at the same time assign it to a specific employee to address the task. You are able to easily keep track of the task status through Date, Time, the Employee’s Performance as well as the Task Descriptions.

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To Add New Service Task

Go to Activity > Service Task > New Service Tasks to assign tasks to your employees or have your executives keep track their task status. All tasks comes with Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Differed, Abandoned and etc. This is suitable for call centers, support departments, project management, new customers, event company’s and many other industries. Each task can also be defined in detail and is searchable.

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To View Service Tasks List

Navigate to Activity > Service Task > Service Tasks List to view the full task list that you have included. Once you have completed a specific task, it will appear in the Completed Tasks listing area instead. This is a way to keep track of an employee’s progress as well as to meet the client’s deadline.

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