Service History Group

Create Service History Group

The whole idea of having a CRM system in place is to ensure your sales team can do exactly what they are there for, bringing in sales. Having a Service History Group helps put your past and current clients’ service history in place and easily accessible when needed.

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For Each Customer

The Service History Record Group needs’ to begin with each customer. Once you have a pool of customers, you can then start grouping them into various categories that apply. Any sales team member that needs to call up information regarding a particular customer will be able to do so by referring to the particular Service History Record. They can view the date the Customer started using your company’s service or product. Their last Service Record, any particular details to take heed as well as who was the last Sales staff to handle the case.


CRM Offline Feature

Number Customizable

You can customise the Case number according to your already existing company logging system in order to cut down on the familiarisation process within your company and its current systems. 

CRM Offline Feature

Assign the Service History Group to Admin and be Alert by Runner Application

Having an Admin assigned to the Service History Group will help with monitoring the actions that need to be taken regarding that particular clients’ case. This also helps with analysing past Service methods applied that may or may not have worked.

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