Sending Email and SMS

Sending Emails and SMS to Your Clients

Easily send bulk emails and send bulk SMS directly from your contact list to your customer base. Email marketing and SMS marketing will not only be a breeze but also to improve client relationship as well!

iCRM System Features

To Send Email

Emails can be sent directly, saving time and increasing productivity, all in one place. Just go to Email/SMS > Send > Send Email.

iSMS integration

To Send Bulk SMS to Mobile Phones

After integrating iSMS and logging in to iCRM, you can send Bulk SMS to your clients by going to Email/SMS > SMS > Send. After typing in your SMS message, you can schedule the day and time of the SMS to be sent out. Everything can be done with a computer.

iSMS bulk sms report

To Track Delivered SMS Status

You can track delivered SMS status by navigating to Email/SMS > SMS > SMS Progress Report.

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