Recurring Payment

Managing Recurring Payments

A great practice in sales is to ensure a lot of your business is automated. This means having clients on retainers and long-term agreements. This can be encouraged and assisted through our Recurring Payments function where you can ensure that clients are reminded.

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Monthly Maintenance Fees, Insurance Fees, License Fees, Weekly Fees etc

Recurring payments refer to the continuous payments such as membership fees, license fees and more, that are made at regular intervals. You can set a start date and recurring times for each payment and also key in the end date for these payments. This ensures all payment reminders and collections are automated to save time on housekeeping accounts and keeping your profit chain well oiled.

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Alert, Filter Contacts that are about to Expire

You can now easily view customers with expiring recurring items. This helps you manage follow-ups with clients while making sure you prompt your clients to renew their accounts and contracts with you. This can also be applied to payment methods that are about to expire – so you get to ensure your clients do not drop on payment consistency allowing them to enjoy the discounts they have grandfathered during sign up.

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Make Order, Payment and Record Down Contacts that are Still In Debt

Find contacts that have outstanding debts to ensure payment reminders are consistent and bad debts are avoided. Payments can be made by multiple payment methods or a combination, eg: cash, credit cards, vouchers, etc. This eases the payment methods by clients to avoid late payments and debts altogether.

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Support Multiple Payments, Payment Types

The recurring payment feature also supports multiple payments and payment types. Once again, this makes it easy for payments to be made and avoids any further excuses or reasons for delaying payment. A feature like this helps you keep your accounts clean and avoid clients from accumulating debts.

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