How can our CRM Points Marketing help you?

An exciting feature that rewards customers to earn points at every advertisement viewed. This attractive feature allows Merchants to hand out points to customers who read their messages, ensuring the targeted message gets across to the customers.

The CRM Points system rides on the Vocotext B2C messaging platform which earns the customers another point from Vocotext themselves. This means when a message is opened, the customer gains a point from the merchant as well as a point from Vocotext.

With the Points Marketing feature, you are able to:

  • encourage Customers or Users to constantly be in touch with your brand and service.
  • create a strong relationship with your Customer or Users that will eventually make them loyal fans of your brand and services.
  • leverage on accumulated data available to upgrade and improve your business.

Merchants are encouraged to give customers a voucher or discount message when a customer first subscribes to the Merchant. This kick starts the process of getting the customers motivated to keep on using the Vocotext app.

Plus Points of CRM Points Marketing

Pool Fund

  • Besides already getting vouchers, discounts and points from the Merchant, customers get points from Vocotext themselves.
  • Vocotext matches any 1 point given out by the Merchant.
  • These points will enter the Pool Fund drawn monthly based on either the highest amount accumulated or whoever reaches the target for the month.
  • Extra points can be accumulated on special days like birthdays, anniversaries or even special holidays.
  • Based on the decision of Vocotext, the winner of the Pool Fund will get to redeem their points for mobile credits.

POS Membership Points

  • Merchants that use the POS membership system via our subsidiaries can get the function reflected on the Vocotext platform
  • Customers can easily view their available points and manage their current collection.
  • More future functions will be added that will benefit both the customer and Merchants alike.


How to Start

  1. Sign up from the Vocotext website at www.vocotext.com, fill in the form and click submit. Sign up is FREE. Merchants will have to purchase credits if they want to send out information to users. Users are FREE to use the Vocotext app.
  2. Merchant details are on the Vocotext Merchant Dashboard. Login at www.vocotext.com, and fill it up to show on the Merchant list.
  3. Merchants can list their products in the Vocotext Merchant List, if the Merchant is subscribed to any of the BMO modules at www.bmo.my, www.icrm.com.my, www.posmarket.com.my or www.posniaga.com.my
  4. Start communicating with customers by sending information via SMS or Vocotext using the credits.
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