How can our CRM Membership Marketing help you?

A flexible and up-to-date member management software is always important in terms of client management. Multiple duplicates of data will be confusing and repeat messages sent out to clients will start to annoy and instead of retaining membership, it is very likely that existing clients could choose to opt out of the membership pool. This will waste valuable time and resources.

With a good membership database management linked to your CRM system, meticulous planning and building will help restructure your data to make it work the way you want to.

With the Membership Marketing feature, you are able to:

  • integrated membership database management with your CRM system
  • multiple and flexible filters to manage your data at individual or company level
  • quick and easy data mining process as well as the convenience of having reports and data in chart form.

Create different membership segments as and when you need them. Enable new sets of permissions to determine what members view on the website when logged in and allow for forums, resources, events and any other type of page information to be available to one of many of your membership segments.

Plus Points of CRM Membership Marketing

  • Create MLM systems linked to the CRM
  • Create Membership
  • Create items to sell to the Members category
  • Member Points
  • Commission List
  • Withdraw
  • Member login from you website
  • Affiliate model
  • Member purchase item
  • Member expire
  • Recurrence


How to Start

  1. Create a Membership Tree that will be used to create invoices for the contacts under the “text comm2” that is the category of “cat comm5”
  2. Leverage the existence of our Affiliate model that refer to how item sales can distribute the revenue to different member levels.
  3. Access the Affiliate Model via:
    Membership > Affiliate Model > Affiliate Model List
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