CRM Membership System

BMO CRM System comes with free yet powerful membership system!
The membership system is capable to take care of all your company needs.


Member day blasting promotion to customer by using iSMS module

Membership Features

Our iSMS module provide easy to use bulk sms functionality. Easily begin your SMS marketing campaign using the CRM contact list. Send SMS to all your customers directly from the contact list or preset numbers to target specific customer group. Access Replies History to view customers replies and Send history to keep track of your SMS campaign.

Member birthday alert

Keep track of your customers birthday with CRM membership reminder system. You can set up to three reminders for each customer’s birthday. System will prompt an alert each time the predetermined date approaches.

Member redemption point

Membership Features

Manage redemption points using CRM point system. Reward your customers when they visit your business. Easily view your customer’s available points in the system.

Member discount by percent or amount

Membership Features

Reward your loyal customers by providing discounts whenever they visit. Easily setup membership tier-discount using CRM system. Support setting the discount as percentage, fixed amount , fix-single or fix-distribute.

Member join and end date

Membership Features

CRM membership management system provide easy tracking of customers’ membership start and end date. Set system to automatically de-activate a membership when it expires or let it remain active.

Membership expiry alert

Membership Features

Just like the birthday alert, CRM membership reminder system is capable of monitoring all membership status. Set up to three reminders for each members when the expiry date is nearing. System will prompt an alert each time the predetermined time approaches.

Create member contact identity

Membership Features

CRM contact list is capable of holding large amount of information for each entry. Information are stored securely and can be retrieve instantaneously. Easily manage each contact and share them with your collaborators via email and etc.

Import member contact

Membership Features

Incorporate new contacts into existing list or easily update exisiting contacts using CRM CSV import function. System support various conditions such as update only, skip if exists, overwrite if exist and etc.

Create Membership category/Level (Example, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Membership Features

CRM membership system supports multi-tier membership setup. Assign unique rewards and conditions for different level of membership.

Redemption point adjustment

Membership Features

Manage each customers’ redemption point with CRM point system. Add, deduct or reset redemption points with just one click. System will keep track of all adjustment for easy review.

Member Purchase history

Membership Features

CRM membership system can keep track of items or services bought or used by your loyal customers. Easily monitor your customers spending habits and favourite products. Tailor a unique experience for your customer with CRM membership system.

Member recurrence

Membership Features

Monitor the status of all customers’ recurrence item easily. Search for customers with expiring recurrence and update recurrence status if necessary.

Integrate with RFID or swipe reader

Membership Features

CRM membership system can support rfid and swipe identification.

Member redemption balance and history report

Membership Features

Keep track of your members redemption balance and history easily with CRM point system. System can generate on-demand report at any given time.

Full member contact list report

Membership Features

Generate printable version of contact list with CRM report system. System can save the report as pdf or email them as attachment.

Search member module by name, age, IC number, member category, member status, phone, membership id, Age, gender, member join date from and to

Membership Features

CRM robust and powerful search system ensure manangement of huge contact list a breeze. Type in your search term and the search engine willso the rest.

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