Integrating iSMS

Integrating iSMS to iCRM Software

Integrating iSMS to your iCRM Software allows you to send Bulk SMS texts to your clients at the lowest rate possible via SMS marketing. You can send out and receive SMS texts from your customers. Hence, saving cost, effort and time.

iSMS integration

Bulk SMS Engine

iSMS Malaysia is a trusted service used by more than 50,000 users including local Malaysian Big Brands such as Courts, Perodua, Isetan, Habib Jewels, SEGi College and many more.

To integrate iSMS to iCRM software, you must first register an iSMS account Here.

iSMS integration

Common Business Situations for outgoing SMS:

  • Deliver SMS when high priority cases is created
  • Deliver SMS as an appointment reminder or before an event
  • Deliver SMS to outbound sales team on the move so that they can call the client instantly

Common Business Situations for incoming SMS:

  • Receive Surveys and Feedback from customers
  • Receive news constantly or updates from employees on their progress
  • Sales and support team members can look into client’s case on the move
CRM Offline Feature

iCRM iSMS Integration (Offline Version)

To send SMS campaign messages to your client, just key in their phone numbers in the field given, separated by a semicolon or a comma and type in your campaign message in the message box. You can send bulk messages to multiple clients by selecting specific contacts at the contact list.

iSMS integration

Setup Your iSMS in iCRM (Online Version)

Our system integrates with our close partner, iSMS. Setting up the account is easy. Just insert your iSMS login information and you are ready to blast out SMS texts to your clients. Learn how to Send Bulk SMS and Emails here.

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