About iCRM

iCRM is developed in-house to complete your business’ service line. iCRM enables your staff to keep track of every single client who comes across your company. Connect with your clients and close the deal! Easy to use and suitable for various industries. An effective Customer Relationship Management system has the potential to elevate your company to new levels of customer service. Client information is recorded, stored, organised and illustrated in useful applications for every department of your business. Cloud computing CRM programs suggests new ways to access information in real-time wherever an Internet connection is available. Making your data more accessible and your business more agile in everyday procedures. All departments can function as a unit that produces satisfied customers. Overall, cloud computing transforms the traditional customer relationship management methodologies.


The iCRM system is not just a typical CRM software. Our team of engineers built it with an intention of combining the three most important resources of your company: employees, technology and operational system. In order for the company to be successful, your company has to solidify your customers loyalty and customer satisfaction. With the iCRM platform that encourages data sharing, centralised customer profiling and integrated sales-marketing processes, opportunities to cross-sell and upsell your products will increase rapidly. Keeping track of your client’s needs will develop strong relationships between them and your company. A better service to your customers would mean higher closing rates and improved profitability for your business. Automating your client relationship management system is a must for an organisation to move on to a higher level. The web based CRM system is a great solution for starting up companies. For your business to fully utilise the online CRM system, you and your management team must convince your staff that iCRM is beneficial to everyone in the company. iCRM, is an online CRM system that allows you to analyse your business process and identify what should be improved. You can decide on how you would use your relevant customer information. Ultimately, select a team of executives and sales representatives to implement the task. Everyone in the company starting from you (CEO) to your sales representatives needs to work closely together and support the online CRM system implementation.    

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