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The iCRM Offline Software Version makes it easy for you to manage your clients information without the need for internet connection. It allows you to enter new contacts, assign tasks to your employees and create invoices in a much more convenient manner. You are able to keep a record of task descriptions, past services, fees paid, communication records via fax, SMS, emails and etc. This Offline Version allows you to continue to work within the application using a laptop whenever you are out of the office or with no access to an internet connection, making it very convenient for those who often work outside of the office. You can continue to work normally within the data set and when you reconnect to an online status, data changes made will be synced to the BMO Cloud Database. You can combine it with iCRM Online software to fully utilize this particular syncing function and also to ensure there is no loss of data while updating sales information and so on.


You can use iCRM Android App offline provided it is connected to the Local Area Network in your office.


  • Supports up to 50 users
  • FREE 30 days trial period
  • NO software setup needed
  • Runs on all platforms that supports HTML, including iPad, iPhones, Android & etc
  • High Reliability. Managed by experienced programmers
  • Fast! Our servers are optimised for CRM and data mining purposes
  • iCRM Malaysia runs on dedicated servers

AlienVoIP and iSMS with iCRM

alienvoip-01If you own a Service Center, a Call Center or run a SME, integrating AlienVoIP service, iCRM will benefit your business as you can keep track of your contact information with affordable call rates. AlienVoIP also provide shareware for users to experience the best voice over quality possible.  

sms-01Integrating iSMS is recommended. This is because with iCRM, informing clients about news and updates would be easier and more convenient via Bulk SMS. iSMS provides low Bulk SMS rates for you to save more money while marketing your business.

Package Price

USD 195.00 / PC  

  • One Time Payment
  • No Contract

CRM Offline Version Package

iCRM Offline BMO Interface

CRM Offline Version Package

iCRM Offline Main Interface

CRM Offline Version Package

iCRM Offline Creating Contact

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