Customer List Management

How can our CRM Customer List Management help you?

Every SME should have a centralized customer list management in place in order to create a collection of contacts for targeting automated campaigns and marketing emails. These lists can be used as market segmentation strategies. You can also use them as a base to collect and organize for other types of marketing initiatives.

With the Customer List Management feature, you are able to:

  • view, create and manage queries and lists
  • add and remove contacts for a static list
  • work with queries and set up query logic
  • get everyone involved in a project you are running
  • get information immediately while being on-site
  • allows you to distribute customer lists to various employees

It is important that the list system is in place in order to avoid unforeseen scenarios that may cause disruption in the sales and follow up process such as having a member of the team leave the organization, when a person in charge is not around and historical data is needed or when you need to get customer related documents urgently.

Plus Points of CRM Customer List Management

  • Filter contact lists for potential customers
  • Filter contact lists for lost customers
  • Easy call system to customers
  • Easy email system to customers
  • Easy customer search history


How to Start

  1. Register for your iCRM account at
  2. Build a Contact list in the offline CRM system. Edit the details of each customer.
  3. Group your Contacts to the appropriate groups. You can easily use the Filter function too.
  4. Set chosen Contacts to Membership lists with expiry terms.
  5. Assign Contacts to the right Staff and Department in your organization.
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