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Managing with the BMO Cloud

By using a combination of quotations and service records for each customer, you can run your business smoothly without worrying about data and systems not integrating or being at the tip of your fingers as all info will be available to you at the BMO cloud. You can now even manage your Sales Personnel, review quotes and enhance on Customer Service all from the ever convenient cloud.


Illustration 1: Unique Contact List


  1. Own Contact List
    1. Each employee will get a unique login username and password. They will have their own contact list to manage which is separate from others. The admin can configure this list to be shared among employees.

llustration 2: Service Record for 1 customer


  1. Handle customers service history efficiently
    1. Create service history based on the customer.
    2. The service record is a very comprehensive and contains information about the task done for that particular customer. It can be created by many, assigned to many, and have many reminders.

Illustration 3: Quotation list


  1. Generate quotations from the system effortlessly.
    1. The employee can generate quotations directly from the system into a PDF file.
    2. There are various quotation status for easy reporting purpose.

Define quotation status and generate reports based on it


llustration 4: Quotation Report


Illustration 5: Sample Quotation


llustration 6: Service record assigned and Service record reminder dashboard

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