Employee and Work Pattern Feature

This feature is very useful for all industries especially big businesses that have large numbers of workers. You can utilise this feature to keep track of employee progress in your company, track their working hours and work patterns. You can generate an Employee list to keep all your workers’ personal information as well.

iCRM System Features

To Create Company Structure

Go to Employee > Company Structure and include Department Name, section, number of employees and so on – very useful for large companies with many departments. This allows you to structure your company’s hierarchy in a more manageable manner.

iCRM System Features

To View Employee List

To view the list of your employees, go to Employee > Employee List. You may sort the list by name, the date they joined, branch and even their login name.

iCRM System Features

To Add Work Pattern

Work pattern (under HR tab) is a CRM feature where you include the start and end time of work hours. It tracks the exact amount of work hours as it includes break types such as ‘start work’, ‘breakfast’, ‘lunch’, ‘tea time’ and ‘end work’.

iCRM System Features

To View Work Pattern List

After you, your HR and your employees have included their work pattern, you are able to view their time sheet by going to HR > Work Pattern > List of Work Pattern to view the complete list.

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