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Call Center CRM with AlienVoIP is perfect for companies with sales & support teams as they will have frequent communication with clients and customers than any other department in an industry. Every single interaction made and received between customers counts. This services includes solving a client’s problem, recording a customer’s order or up-selling products as these are important aspects in reaching a company’s business goals. Using the Call Center CRM with AlienVoIP features, will enable your agency to better manage multiple customer contact databases easily and securely. The Call Center CRM helps to assist you by identifying the caller’s identity. It shows data from the CRM whenever there is an incoming call. You can view their names, past conversations and so much more. The Call Center CRM allows your support team and sales team to carry out excellent customer experience with the proper tools and accurate information to clients at every contact. The Call Center CRM focuses specially on data while optimising communication to improve customer satisfaction as well as time and cost savings. This CRM system will bring advantages to you in achieving customer loyalty, increased efficiency and growth in business.


  • Helps to identify and understand customer requirements by recording client communication
  • Provides professional service and improves customer experience
  • Increases efficiency and organisation intelligence by sharing client contact details among sales and support teams
  • User-friendly interface makes it easier for business users to carry out tasks

*For big companies with many operators and telemarketers, IP Phones are recommended to be connected to the A401 IP-PBX for best quality and user experience. Keep in mind that settings in the A401 IP-PBX must be configured correctly in order to record call data automatically in the Call Center CRM with AlienVoIP.


  • Built-in AlienVoIP softphone
  • Automatically records clients communication through phone calls, SMS and Emails
  • Manage client details and contact history
  • Display client caller ID and information when incoming calls are connected to agents
  • Automatically detects callers and directs them to a specific department or agent
  • With the IVR feature from the IP Phone, CC CRM is able to play recorded messages and customised welcome messages that personalises customer experience

How AlienVoIP Call Center CRM Works

call center crm with alienvoip diagram

  1. Incoming call from a client received by a sales representative in Office A through an IP Phone which is connected to the IP-PBX.
  2. AlienVoIP Database will store the extension number, source number, destination number, contact name, country of received call, status, duration and bill cost
  3. iCRM Cloud Server will then retrieve the recorded data from AlienVoIP Server.
  4. From Office A, the sales representative is able to view the data stored in the iCRM Server from his CRM System (PC).

Alien VoIP Portal

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